Here are some services we provide.

COVID-19 Live Tracker

Live statistics, death rate and current scenario in all over the world. The COVID-19 tracker from worldometers provides us with the live info of every country. One can easily filter the stats country wise by selecting the country. Just click on Live Info to get the details.

XploVR App

This is an app which can be used to experience many international and national destinations virtually. Users can still explore different places across the world even during this pandemic caused due to COVID-19. You can download the app by clicking the below button.

Ask Alexa!

Alexa is there to answer all your Queries. The VR app makes you explore places virtually and alexa helps you to gather info about the place. User can ask any question regarding the place he is seeing. For this we have a trained some Alexa models. To learn more about it click the below button.


Team !True

We are a team consisting of four members from SRM University AP. We tend to solve various problems and issues in a more feasible and efficient way. We provide scalable solutions which can be implemented at various platforms. We are seeker for opportunities and always try to build something useful and productive.